Choosing the right physician for your child is not only one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make, it can easily be one of the most frustrating.

Naturally, many people choose a general practitioner (family doctor) for a variety of reasons, while others insist on a pediatrician for the kids. Regardless of where you fall in that line, it’s perfectly okay. 

Your final decision should come down too whomever you feel most comfortable with, and/or whether or not you require this person to specialize in children or not.

So then what is the difference between a general practitioner and a Pediatrician? About three extra years of specialized education. 

This is not an additional three years of school, both doctors are actually required to take it. The difference is that a family doctor will spend a few months of this time learning about children, while a Pediatrician studies only children.

We share this information not to persuade anyone, but to inform. We believe that in order to make an “informed decision”, one must first be made aware of what the differences are. 

Dr. Bennett is the white mountains only board certified pediatrician with well over twenty years of experience in her field. 

In saying that, it may seem natural to assume that she either isn’t accepting new patients right now, or that she probably doesn’t accept state insurance, etc. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Should you take the time to meet with Dr. Bennett, you will quickly realize that she got into children’s medicine for all the right reasons. The kids!

Having raised four of her own, Dr. Bennett is very family orientated, and has never chose to accept only those patients with great insurance. My impression of her is that she’d rather be in the trenches helping whomever she can, however she can. 

For this reason most people find it quite refreshing to learn that she does accept almost fifty insurance carriers, and among them is in fact AHCCCS and IHS. 

Not only that, but here at Pediatric MultiCare West, we take great pride in seeing most of our sick kiddo’s the same day we receive the call. After all, its rather pointless having any doctor if their not available when you need them most.

So whether you’re about to have your first baby, or your last….we encourage you to do your research when looking for a doctor, and we certainly hope you’ll contact us before making any final decision.


Your Staff At Pediatric MultiCare West